Festival Rules

  1. Saturday Tickets are $16 in Advance and $20 at the gate. Any discount that may be available for advance tickets IS NOT available at the gate. All purchases at the gate are CASH ONLY. 
  2. All checks should be made payable to IRISH 2000 FESTIVAL.
  3. All children under the age of 12 are admitted for free and do not need a ticket.
  4. Coolers, Bags, etc... are not allowed inside the Festival grounds. Security personnel reserve the right to search all persons and confiscate any contraband goods. Contraband includes: Beer, Wine or any other alcoholic Beverage, Soda, Food etc…
  5. Saturday we will use Both Gate Three and Gate Five.   
  6. Customers will be allowed to leave and return to the Festival grounds during the day. Re-entry is allowed with a festival hand stamp.
  7. Pets will not be allowed on the Festival grounds.
  8. A specific schedule of events will be posted on this site in August and will be available in the souvenir booklet the day of the Festival.
  9. Parking is $3 per car. Also, some local residents allow parking on their lawns near the Fairgrounds. The Festival does not control their price structure.
  10. Videotaping or recording the performances of any artist are violations of our agreements with the artists and will be stopped.
  11. Beer is served from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Proper ID is required.
  12. Beer ticket Sales will cease at 9:30 PM.
  13. No alcohol may be carried outside of the Festival grounds.
  14. The Festival cannot control the prices charged by any specific vendor.
  15. Limited seating will be available on the festival grounds, but customers are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs.
  16. All customers should bring Identification if they plan on consuming alcohol.
  17. Handicapped access will be available. Check with parking attendants upon arrival.
  18. Any person found to be interfering with the enjoyment of others or failing to comply with festival personnel will be removed from the grounds immediatley.
  19. Performance times are Tentative and are subject to change without notice.
  20. Festival has a strict no refund policy once tickets have been purchased.
  21. Volunteers may be dismissed for any reason without notice. Drinking during a shift will lead to automatic dismissal.
  22. Other than performers, vendors, or other official vehicles, no RV, Camper or trailer will be allowed on the Festival Grounds.