Gaelic Storm -- Heading Our Way in 2016

Gaelic Storm

We usually don't announce festival performers, but we're able today to tell you that Gaelic Storm will be on stage for the 20th Annual Irish 2000 Music and Arts Festival.

They haven't been with us in several years and, no need to tell fans, they are sensational performers.

Facebook followers know this, but to repeat: We're planning a terrific fireworks show as part of the 20th anniversary. Making it to 20 years calls for special -- don't you agree?!

We'll be seeking sponsors this year for the first time. Why?  To offer great bands and a great time and to give back to our community, it has become necessary to try to defray costs. 

Remember our objectives: 

"To preserve, protect and promote Irish history and culture in the 21st century.

"To assist other non-profit organizations."

Since the first festival, Irish 2000 has donated more than $350,000 to other non-profits.

And, we want to continue this in a bigger way. If you know of anyone  or any company that  might be interested in sponsoring Irish 2000, let us know. You can email us here.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we thank you for your support and loyalty and wish you the best celebration Thanksgiving ever!