Well, we did it!

Two mini festivals to try to make up the lost money from the rain of 2014. Thank you, friends. It has been a big help.

If you were with us, didn’t we have a tremendous time? If you weren’t, that’s okay. It’s June and we know that schedules are really full. Between wedding, graduations and a proliferation of festivals and concerts, WHEW!

Now we move onward. Now we move to get ready for the 19th Annual Irish 2000 Music and Arts Festival. It’s going to be Sept 18 and 19 at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds. So mark your calendars now!

We welcome back the Glengarry Bhoys, the Screaming Orphans, Shilelagh Law, the Young Dubliners and the Fighting Jamesons on the Contemporary Stage. On the Timothy Nelligan Traditional Stage, old friends The McKrells join us as does Get Up Jack and much more.

On the Patricia McSweeney Stage, all the favorites from the greater capital District with be there including good friends Frank Jaklitsch and Who’s Your Paddy.  New this year is Triskele! Welcome!

So, let’s get ready to blow the roof with great food, beer and fun at the 19th Annual Irish 2000!