Were you with us at the 18th Annual Irish 2000?

Rain Photo

Yes, we had a bit of Irish mist (to put it mildly!). But, rain doesn’t dampen the spirit of Irish music or the Irish 2000 Festival. Did you hear the Makem and Spain Brothers? How about Sythian? Sephira? Of course, you couldn’t miss the energy of the Screaming Orphans? Or, the high kicks and spirit of the Irish dancers. And, those pipes…ah! Not to forget the energy of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Did you do a bit of shopping? Did you have some of the corned beef? Most of all, did you enjoy Irish 2000?

For years we’ve been saying that we have the best people in the world come to our festival. One police officer of the grounds told us that he always works the festival because, “The people here a just wonderful. Warm. Friendly. And, here to enjoy the music and to have a great day!” Yes, to have a great day! And we did! With many thanks to our wonderful volunteers! So, as you jumped a puddle or clapped your hands, did you remember that we were blessed with Irish weather. The overly generous Irish mist kind!